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Tasmania Quail breeders

Posted By: jodi | 25 January, 2010 | Comments |


I would like to gather a bit of a database on Tasmanian Quail breeders. I have only just started so if there are breeders down here in beautiful Tassie it will be helpful to know where you are for future reference if I need to buy or swap male birds for breeding purposes



12 quail egg cartons

Posted By: ray | 17 September, 2018 | Comments | anyone have any contacts wholesalers for dozen quail egg cartons or plastic containers..require about 150 please.

cardboard egg trays for quail

Posted By: Philr | 11 October, 2018 | Comments |
Does anyone know if there is an Australian supplier of 50 egg cardboard egg trays for quail. Only need a couple. Cenvet use to keep them

Quail Farming

Posted By: Peter Skipworth | 9 October, 2018 | Comments | I am interested in adding quails to our farm in Cooktown and I know nothing about them. We already have chicken, ducks, turkeys and guinea fowl. Any solid information would be greatly appreciated. My email address is peter.skipworth@bigpond.com    

Free Range Quail

Posted By: L Webb | 26 August, 2018 | Comments |
Hi all,

A few years ago I was told that there is a breed of quail that, due to their flocking nature half the flock could be caged while the other half could free range and return to the caged flock each night. They flocks could be rotated. Would anybody know of this breed as I have misplaced the information.
Kind regards