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Lonesome Quail

Posted By: Didier | 9 March, 2018 | Comments |
Hi Guys, We have lonesome Japanese Quail that was handed in to a vet and then to a Bird carer. The poor little guy\girl is alone so was hoping to rehome it with some other pet Quails. We are in Bellbowrie Brisbane and will not consider anyone who breeds them for meat. Pet only. 


Grow Cages

Posted By: Alf | 4 March, 2018 | Comments | Hi,

Could anyone tell me how many quail I could grow in a cage that is 
1.6m x .8m x .3m. The birds will be about 2 to 3 weeks old when I put them in and I want to leave them in there till they are about 7 weeks of age.  I'm growing them for meat.


Beginner setting up

Posted By: Alf | 2 March, 2018 | Comments |
Hi again,

Is it better to breed in small pens ie 1 male to 3 female or colony breeding ie 20 females to 6 males in a larger cage.


Beginner setting up

Posted By: Alf | 2 March, 2018 | Comments | Hi all,

I've just decided to set up breeding quail.
I've done some research and have a basic idea.
I want a meat bird and I have a few questions, if anyone could help that would be much appreciated.
What's the best bits to keep for meat?
Do Jumbo quail lay like Japanese quail and is incubation the same process?
Also I'm understanding that I shouldn't feed my quail a pullet feed. Is this correct?


Why does my quail have a bald head?

Posted By: Nat 05 | 19 December, 2017 | Comments |
Hi, I have acquired a quail (sorry unsure of breed) its about 8cms long, has orange feet, my question is why has it lost feathers just on his head? I cant see any sign of them growing back, I have dusted him for parasites, its having a good quality diet of meal worms, small parrot mix and seeded grasses. Please help