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Quail to tasmania?

Posted By: rees | 25 July, 2011 | Comments |

Does anyone know of quarantine restrictions to bringing quail into tasmania from other states?

Quail egg colouring

Posted By: AnimalLover | 14 April, 2018 | Comments | Hi everyone, I have 4 female quails and they each lay a egg usually everyday, my question is some of the eggs are bright in colour while others are pale in colour (all white with brown splotches) is there a reason some are pale or is that normal? Thanks for any help! :-)

Incorrect use of names

Posted By: Boobook | 3 April, 2018 | Comments |
Why do sellers persist in naming birds incorrectly. I’m trying to buy Australian native quail (Stubble Quail/Coturnix pectoralis. Brown quail/Coturnix ypsilophora. King quail/Excalfactorious chinensis. Painted Button quail/Turnix varius) and sellers are using the native names for non-native breeds. It’s driving me nuts & making it hard to search and purchase what I’m after.

Any quail farm for sale?

Posted By: CharlieX | 3 April, 2018 | Comments |

Just like to know if anyone on here has a quail farm to sell, thinking about selling, or know someone selling a quail farm. Prefer to be within 100km of Melbourne Airport. 

Thank you in advance :)

Lonesome Quail

Posted By: Didier | 9 March, 2018 | Comments |
Hi Guys, We have lonesome Japanese Quail that was handed in to a vet and then to a Bird carer. The poor little guy\girl is alone so was hoping to rehome it with some other pet Quails. We are in Bellbowrie Brisbane and will not consider anyone who breeds them for meat. Pet only.