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Why does my quail have a bald head?

Posted By: Nat 05 | 19 December, 2017 | Comments |
Hi, I have acquired a quail (sorry unsure of breed) its about 8cms long, has orange feet, my question is why has it lost feathers just on his head? I cant see any sign of them growing back, I have dusted him for parasites, its having a good quality diet of meal worms, small parrot mix and seeded grasses. Please help

Chick starter feed

Posted By: CathyH | 11 November, 2017 | Comments | Which food is everyone using for their chicks? I have been hunting for a high protein game bird or turkey rearing mix but finding it difficult to get on the Gold Coast. Any home made recipes? Thanks

Quails - Outdoors

Posted By: ArdathStar | 31 August, 2017 | Comments |
I have a 7m x 5 m vegetable garden cage - hopefully fully secured from rabbits,bandicoots,  rats & mice.  2m high on the sides and 2.5m in the centre.  I can easily walk around inside it.    I want to run some quails in the cage.  Would quails be OK in the outdoors, given that they had plenty of shade and water and some sort of outdoor shelter/shed in the vegetable garden.  The idea is that they could be in the vegetable garden and help with insect control.  I have thought that small quails might be the ones to have, so some advice on which breed are the smallest?  Sydney.

Novice query

Posted By: Bomber Gal | 31 August, 2017 | Comments | What is the best breed to get for a meat bird.  In Gippsland Victoria.

Organic Quail Meat & Eggs

Posted By: Zee | 9 August, 2017 | Comments |
Hi, Is anyone raising birds on certified organic feed?