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Quail Cages plastic units

Posted By: Brisbane Quail | message me | 6/25/2017 10:48:32 AM Quail Cages 

Flat packed units
Quail bird poultry cage

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European Made cages are made of plastic and they will last for many years without rusting.

The cages are great for Quail breeding and egg laying. All the eggs roll out to the front tray for collection. (the floor slopes allowing eggs to roll out.)

The cages are fitted with feeding trays with plastic grids on top of the grain to stop grain from spilling out, so where is no seed/ feed waste. (See pic.)

Equipped with manure trays that slide out from under the floors with easy cleaning.

Comes with drinking cups, with pins and drinkers and a big 20 litre water tank placed on top of the unit.

A very strong robust cage with good quality control and purpose designed just for quail.

These cages are sold in a flat pack and are easy to put together. 

Cage Sizes & Prices

4 Tiers and 3 Compartments in each tier = 12 compartments - 

5 Tiers and 3 Compartments in each tier =15 compartments - 

6 Tiers and 3 Compartments in each tier =18 compartments - - .


Units overall size is – 

100 cm wide and 63 cm Deep and 155cm High in the 4x3=12 unit.

100 cm Wide and 63 cm Deep and 187cm High in the 5x3=15 unit.

Water tank = 20 litres.

We have been using these cages for our breeder Quail and laying Quail with great results. By using these cages, we breed Quail and select and pair Quail easily to produce a good strong bloodline. (Line Breeding method)

Quail Cage Breeding Unit

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