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Japanese Coturnix Quail (The Big Quail) of Many Colours For Sale

Posted By: Helen2 | message me | 11/6/2017 2:05:27 PM

YES! I am finally able to put another Ad up after such popularity.

Ready for Christmas too! So if you are wanting good quality

Coturnix Japonica Quail, now is the time to contact me. I am

happy to place people on a waiting list also for orders later on in

the year.

For those people who are looking to buy Coturnix Japonica

Quails (Also commonly known as Japanese Quails) for the first

time, they are much much bigger than the King/Button Quail.


I am situated in Goulburn, NSW. Goulburn is situated between

Sydney and Canberra. If you would like me to deliver your order

within 3 hrs drive from Goulburn, please email me for a quote.


The Coturnix J. Quail are known for laying all year. I am glad

when mine have a small break to recuperate though.

C. J. Quail would make a lovely gift for someone; adult or child,

due to:

1. The ease of care they require and as some people have

commented, such lovely soft birds. Also,

2. Quail eggs have a higher portion of yolk than a chicken egg,

thus a higher amount of protein and quails lay young.

3. Fat is low in their meat and quail grow fast.

4. Male quails do a quick crow at times but are not as nearly as

noisy or as loud as roosters.

5. More disease resistant than chickens and are very hardy birds.

6. Make a great first pet because they get very tame especially

when feeding them leafy greens by hand.

7. They are great for small yards, aviary, chicken coop ( depends

on the chickens though!) and are rabbit hutch happy.

8. For people who want them for meat. They grow really fast so

you get meat quickly. Adult size in 8 to 10 weeks after incubation

for around 17 days. That means only about 11 - 13 weeks from

egg to table. It is hard to beat a roasted (in foil) honey rosemary

quail stuffed with bocconcini cheese.


Females are $15 and Males are $10

Unrelated Males paired with females are $10


If you are interested to know if these quails can go broody and

incubate their own eggs, I have to say an absolute, “Yes,” now. It

is still rare though. I've added a link below to my YouTube videos

about Coturnix Japonica Quail. Watch the videos about my

Mother Hens to see what I did to encourage their broodiness to

hatch their own eggs. It worked very well. Just simply copy and

paste the URL to your Web browser and enjoy ;)


IMPORTANT :::: Please be kind and always introduce new quail

to old by making sure they are in very close proximity where they

can see each other for two weeks at least, in separate cages. This

is so they can get close to check each other out and know who

they are going to share their home with. In the case of an aviary I

would place the cage with the new quail/s in a corner of the aviary

but make sure the quail/s has/have room to move please - no

small cages! :::::

Thank you all for your interest.

Kind Regards,


Some of My C. J. Quail

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