Quails Australia

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The Vines | Silver Jap quail

Posted By: Hmillen | 7 May, 2017 | send message

Does anyone out there have any fertile eggs from silver Jap Quail? Understand fertility rate not guaranteed etc. just trying to ding some of these grey/silver suckers here in Australia :)

Bowen Mountain | WANTED: Japanese Quail Fertile eggs(NO jumbo, just normal size please)

Posted By: samanthaquail | 27 April, 2017 | send message

Im after eithera local place that i cqan buy japanese quail

OR Japanese quail eggs fertile just one dozen as my incbator is small

I do not want Jumbo i only want the normal size quail


riverstone | WANTED . Australian Quails, Brown, Stubble

Posted By: lance jurd | 30 March, 2017 | send message

I am after any australian quails, other than king quails, particularly Brown, Stubble, red chested button quails, painted button quails.can be contacted on 0407782777 or email lanceyj@outlook.com ,,,,lance

Katanning | Wanted: Japanes Quail

Posted By: Margaret Ann Corrie | 16 February, 2017 | send message

Hi, I am looking for Japanes and Other Species of Quails for breeding and pet purposes.

If you have any of the exotic or common breeds and are selling, I would love to hear from you, am willing to go to Perth to Purchase.

Call Mick


wingham | WANTED female King quails

Posted By: wingham nsw | 12 February, 2017 | send message

wanting to buy female king quails

Sydney | stubble quail wanted

Posted By: rewildaustralia | 23 January, 2017 | send message

Stubble quail eggs and birds wanted, generous rates rewildaustralia@gmail.com

Sydney | Brown Quail / Coturnix australis wanted

Posted By: rewildaustralia | 23 January, 2017 | send message

Brown Quail eggs and birds wanted, please contact rewildaustralia@gmail.com , generous rates.

Perth | Wanted Japanese Quails

Posted By: Anya | 17 December, 2016 | send message

Hi, I live in Goldfields and will be visiting Perth/Mandurah over xmas. Was hoping to buy 3 Japanese quails for eggs, possibly with cage if available

Bathurst | Wanted : one female king quail

Posted By: kaiteM | 14 December, 2016 | send message

Mate needed for one lonely blue grey king quail in a canary/finch aviary at an Aged Care Home. Any colour.

Hillston | wanted king quail/japanese quail

Posted By: brewster | 20 November, 2016 | send message

Hi I am after some breeding stock for my small Qual farm king Quail + Japanese Quail Cheers