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Humidity Struggles

Posted By: Shakey | 4 July, 2020 | Comments |
Hello Quail Experts - I’m wondering what my margin of error is during the first 15days with humidity in my incubator?  I’m new to this and have a cheap(ish) plastic incubator which seems good at maintaining temp, but my humidity is all over the place.  I’m getting a bit better at it, but the manual has been no help at all; it mentions filling 2 channels, but the channels are invisible and there’s just one external hole to add water with no mention of how much water to add.  So I’ve been flying blind trying to work it out and stop the low humidity alarm going off all night!  My humidity has ranged between 30 and 60 at various points throughout these first 10days; I’ve been trying to keep it at around 40 with limited success.  Are my eggs likely dead already??

Quail cages

Posted By: Yallaroi | 18 July, 2020 | Comments | I want to buy quail cages. Anyone who have quail cages for sale please contact me. Thanks

Bobwhite quails

Posted By: Simon | 9 May, 2020 | Comments |
Hey was wondering if there is anyone selling bobwhite quails in south australia please contact me on 0433289259

Bobwhite quails

Posted By: Simon | 9 May, 2020 | Comments | Hey was wondering if there is anyone in south australia selling bobwhite quails

Quails and Quails eggs

Posted By: Tatiana | 6 June, 2019 | Comments |

I want give my experience with seller- Megan from Sydney sell Quail eggs and birds, add post it 23 May 2019, her [email protected] I have perches some quail eggs from this seller( i paid for eggs and for postage) after seller receive money, she ask me more money to pay for incubator, to post eggs in incubator(nonsense-post eggs inside incubator and post the lot by pos) after lots of emails she is try Push me for more money to send for her. I try it cancel my order and ask  my money back . After she is realize i not send for her money, she is stop respond for my request to send back my money and stop respond for my emails. So i not receive Quail egg from this person. On top of this , this person not Megan, she is Jewel Foster and live not in Sydney, she is live in Melbourne.She is Scam and Fraudsters. If some one have same experience like me , please , report this person. I wish my bad experience with this seller, to stop this seller scam people.
Regards Tatiana