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Hatching Quails

Quail eggs do not need to be incubated as long as other poultry, Japanese Quail need between 16-18 days of incubation. Japanese Quails rarely sit on their eggs, an instinct they have almost lost by intensive breeding. An incubator is required to hatch the eggs. Incubator temperature will need to be set at 37.5 - 38oc or 100oF. Eggs will need to be turned at least a couple of times per day. Stop turning the eggs a few days before expected hatch date, and increase humidity in the incubator during this time. Eggs set for incubation should be 3 to 7 days old; older eggs will have a lower hatch rate and need a longer period of time to hatch. Before incubating eggs, store at room temperature and turn the eggs everyday. Ensure you only use clean eggs, dont wipe eggs with anything i.e. liquids. Once chicks hatch, leave them in the incubator until their feathers have dried, then relocate to a waiting brooder. To be continued... Hatching Quails

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