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Building a Quail Cage System (Part 1)

I have had a few attempts at building cages in the past and Ive built some real shockers. Following my triumph of engineering in building the cages I use now (stacking old bricks upon one another and just covering with wire mesh); Ive decided I want a cage that I can wheel around in the backyard, in and out of the sun, that can hold a large number of quails neatly. I once bought a cage system that was built out of an old cupboard. However, Ive decided to build this from scratch. All the equipment was sourced from Bunnings and has so far cost approx $150AUS. The goal was to building something that looked similar to this Quail Cage System. I wanted 4 levels as a minimum. With an open front and back for good ventilation. Still undecided how the front and cage doors will be though Ill add those details in my follow up article.

I purchased 7mm plywood and 900mm x 600mm, 18000mm x 600mm pine posts. Quail Cage System Quail Cage System

I screwed the plywood onto the longer posts as you can see here to create the sides of the cage.
Quail Cage System Quail Cage System

Then I added the levels.
Quail Cage System

I then cut out the corners of the plywood so they can sit neatly as the floor shelves in the cage.
Quail Cage System

That took me around 1.5 hrs to complete, felt a bit tired so decided I'd call it a day. The following image shows some of the floor shelves in place. I just assembled it to admire my work, nothing is fixed in place and I havent decided on how Im going to attach the wire nor what kind of cage door each would have. If anyone has any ideas email me at [email protected] Hopefully Ill complete the cage before December and Ill upload some more pics.
Quail Cage System

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