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Suspended avairy 2 bay used for californian quail

Posted By: matt d | message me | 1/9/2011 11:20:04 AM

I have 1 x 2 bay suspeneded aviary for sale.

I used it for breeding californian quail, (although it could be used for all quail species as well as for budgies or other aviary species)they middle divider can be removed when its not breeding season to allow the birds to group up as they do in the wild, when breeding season comes around its a simple task of slipping the divider back in.

Suspended aviaries are fantastic to keep hygiene at the optimum levels as the birds poop falls right through the bottom, and when wet weather comes the birds are left high and dry with no mud and contamination to worry about.as well as this when it comes to breeding season the eggs are left clean easy to locate and collect.

This aviary comes on a removable base approx 800mm high, the aviary itself is just over 2 meters long x 900mm high x 900mm deep

grab yourself a bargain at $200

contact matt 07 41628008

Item is located in Kingaroy SE QLD


no image available

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