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King Quail for sale (wild type)

Posted By: Tahlee | message me | 1/6/2019 12:16:04 PM


I sell King Quail (Button quail), adults, day old chicks and fertile eggs (in batches of 8) 
All quails are of the original wild type, as both of the parents are of the original wild colouring, with no genetic mutations.  

The offspring produce have good genetics and colouring, as the parents are from completely different bloodlines, and no cross breeding occurs. 

I will only sell singles if you have another mate for them to go to. King quail need to live in at least pairs. 

If you are after day old chicks, please be aware that it will take around 3 weeks from the time you contact me, for you to receive your chicks, as I will need to collect a batch of eggs and incubate them. Please also be aware that I only hatch chicks in batches of around 8 eggs. Chicks are unsexed.

If you are after fertile eggs, it will take at least a week from the time you contact me to have eggs ready for you to collect. 

Juvenile adults are sold from 5 weeks of age (sexed.)

The eggs produced from my breeders have an 80% hatch rate.

$20 for a batch of 8 fertile eggs

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