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How to make a Storage Box Brooder

So its the 16th-17th day your eggs have been in the incubator. You walk over and find a few eggs rocking and about to hatch. So what's the plan now? Well, if your like me, having ignored the wifes plees to prepare and have everything ready before the big day, which happens to be today then PANICK!! Shes going to make you hurt for a while. After she's done telling you how hopeless your time management is and somehow eluding a dinner meeting with the inlaws, wait till she's out hanging up the washing until rummaging around in her cupboard of 150 pairs of heels and deciding which pair will lose its box. Grab the old desk lamp, scrape a bit of potting mix out of the pot plant to serve as litter, and make that once in a lifetime trip into the lions den (the kitchen). When she catches you trying to break a plastic ice cube tray in half (you reckon it could hold food and water, how nifty do you feel?), its time to come up with an excuse. Your back is up against the cupboard and she's making her way towards you. Thinking of an excuse, you place your hand on your stomach, and break wind for effect. That's right; its toilet time. She doesn't buy it, apparently you've used the same line for the last 4 yrs. One hour later and your still in the kitchen, apparently you took an ice tray out or something?

Somehow you make it through the next few days, your chicks appear happy and healthy. They've grown fast and can now easily jump out. They're not ready to make the move outdoors yet so you decide you need something for a couple of weeks before they make the move to the shed. You visit your local bargain store and purchase a storage box between $15-$35 in value. You're thinking it can easily be cleaned, will protect against drafts, can probably cut out bits of the plastic sides and replace with wire mesh etc etc. Next stop is the local pet store, buy a bag of woodshavings knowing you've just been ripped off, and a small drinker, feeders are so overrated (you dont think you'll need one). Walk into Woolworths carrying the storage box in with you, a thought comes to you, maybe I should of come in here first rather than having to carry this storage box around everywhere. Your a trooper, so you battle on through the isles, you're after a light bulb incase the one you have burns out on you. You pick out a 45 watt bulb, as the chicks grow older they wont need as much warmth. Looking around you find a clip on lamp for sale ($11.95), dangling a desk lamp over the edge of the storage box wasn't going to be ideal, so you buy it. Clip Lamp Once home, you throw in a good layer of shavings into the box, fill the drinker with water and place in the corner, clip on the lamp and adjust how low you want it positioned depending on the age of the quails and the heat emittence of the bulb. Partially cover the box with the lid, dont let the lamp head touch any plastic, or cover with wire mesh. Move the chicks across to their new home. You regret not buying a feeder, you walk into the kitchen again, she's just mopped and you've left tred marks everywhere...THE END.

Storage Box Brooder
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