Quails Australia

TIP: Contact sellers of relevent For Sale Ads even if the post is a few months old. Most quail keepers will always have birds for sale, unless otherwise specified.

Edmonton | Wanting to Buy Fertilised Jumbo Jap eggs

Posted By: QuailQueen1 | 27 April, 2021 | send message

Hi there, I’m after fertilised jumbo jap eggs and if anyone is local to me I’m wanting adult jumbo japs also Thank you


Posted By: Oz Genc | 15 December, 2020 | send message

Anyone know of breeders of Californian Quails here in NSW

Stanthorpe | Californian Quail wanted

Posted By: Charlett D'Elene | 20 July, 2020 | send message

Looking for Californian Quail, fertilized eggs for hatching or birds wanted.

Bundoora | Wanted: Brown Quail

Posted By: Bquail | 3 July, 2020 | send message

Trying to source Coturnix ypsilophora aka Brown quail.

sydney | Wanted: pair of button quail for large aviary

Posted By: Bashi | 19 June, 2020 | send message

Button quail for sydney

Samford Valley | Button Quails

Posted By: Angelina Fairweather | 15 June, 2020 | send message

I am looking for approx six hens and a rooster to begin a quail set up.  I have raised chickens for many years and want to move to quails.  I believe the Button Quail is one of the more friendly/tame breeds and is also a native in Australia?  

Narooma | Wanted ...a plan

Posted By: alpacajohn | 20 May, 2020 | send message

I am ready to start realising my plan to keep quails again after too many years doing too many other good things.  I have  seen quails raised in a two tier  coop arrangement now hoping to find a plan to work with and build one. Any help appreciated. Have not purchased my quails yet..

Thanks in anticipation.
regards John W 

Lakes Entrance | wanted Jumbo Quail Eggs

Posted By: john shine | 1 March, 2020 | send message

Jumbo Quail eggs " Breeding for size"

turabeach | wanted:Little Button Quail

Posted By: hoop | 10 February, 2020 | send message

little button quail

Maudsland | Japanese Quails wanted

Posted By: Floppawap | 31 December, 2019 | send message

  • I have a lonely female Japanese quail who recently lost her mate. So looking for another 1or 2 female to keep her company. Also has 3 male king quails with her but needs female company.